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A Man Sent Sex Toys to 12-year-old-girl

The Australia 25-year-old was arrested in October 2015 after a tip-off from the FBI, who had detained the girl’s mother when her son raised the alarm.Agents found a receipt for several sex toys and dildos and vibrators, which were shipped to the girl’s address from an online sex shop using Keski’s email address.

Keski and the girl met online in August 2014 and began to talk on Instagram and Facebook in conversations that became sexually explicit.The FBI found found evidence of sexually explicit messages and adult toys webpage links on the girl’s devices sent to her by Keski.One of the messages read ‘omg youre such a 12 year old some times. Thomas Bryant Keski-Nummi-Wilson pleaded guilty to grooming and soliciting child pornography.


He claimed to police: before he and his mother left to meet her in Colorado,the girl who received lots of good vibrators told him she was almost 18 but when they met she told him she was still 15 shortly.Financial record indicated he also sent the mother $4,000 in September 2014 so she would not be evicted from her house in Colorado, along with gifts for the girl.

Keski said he told his mother the girl was underage but they went on the trip in January 2015 anyway because he had already paid for it.He had also paid $8,000 for a week-long holiday in Hawaii with the girl, her mother and his own mother.
Keski told police he was rarely alone with the girl and they were mostly with the two women, court documents said.

He will appear in court for a sentencing hearing in May and faces up to 12 years in jail.