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Before You Buying Sex Toys Good Vibrators-There’s Something You Need to Know

“Like any other luxury product, sex toys should be considered and thought out, because when you invest in sex toys, you’re making an investment in your personal pleasure,” says Kathryn Catney, who represents the Swedish vibrators brand LELO. And that’s exactly why you ought to think about these things before you bring one home with you.

1. Consider the Shape and Sensations You Crave

how do you know which shape to look for? First, think about how you typically self-pleasure: Are you focusing on the clitoris or the G-spot vibrators? Do you enjoy intense and localized sensations, or do you prefer sensations spread around the vulva? Do you self-pleasure the same way every time, or do you need something that can perform in a variety ways?

2.Check the Materials
Just like you wouldn’t buy an expensive piece of clothing without first checking the label , it’s essential to look at what sex toys are made of before buying them.


3.Visit an Actual Store
Once you’re ready to take the plunge, visit an actual store. You can learn a lot from reading about vibrators online, but at a store, you can test the good vibrations and see the sex toys up close.

4. Make Sure You Like the Look
No matter how powerful the vibrators are, it would be a huge mistake to buy something you think looks scary, garish, or aesthetically unappealing.


5. Listen To It Buzz
If you live in a place where the walls are thin, then it’s worthwhile to find vibes that won’t sound like you’re revving up a chainsaw every time you use it. Sometimes, the noise level will correlate with the intensity or power of the vibrators, but with high-end products, that won’t be as much of an issue.

6. Consider the Bells and Whistles
The spectrum of features is endless: You can find bare-bones vibes for little more than $10, or you can go all-out with diamond-encrusted, gold-plated tools. Deciding which features you want is totally personal—and depends on your budget—and you can always start with something simple and then upgrade later.